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Architectural Review

Architectural Review Board (ARB) is chaired for 2018 by Randy Pool.
Members of the Committee are Randy Pool, Phil Ahlschlager, Larry Shoffner, and Skip Friz.

The committee is comprised of three elements: Preconstruction, Construction, and Postconstruction.

Preconstruction - architectural review and plan approval. Please use our ARB Application to submit plans for Preconstruction.
Construction - working with the builders, supervising construction, compliance.
Postconstruction - for requests for changes to built homes. Homeowner application for Postconstruction modifications.

Questions? Please feel free to contact these gentlemen with any questions about the ARB process or any phase.

Architectural Guidelines

ARB Rules for Residential Construction

ARB Application - Initial New Home Construction Approval

Additions, Remodeling, Landscaping, etc to Existing Homes (Postconstruction)
New ARB Proposed Fees and Deposits for Remodeling Projects

As our neighborhood has matured and we are nearly complete on new, first time construction, we have been experiencing many remodeling projects taking place in our community. Some are quite complex. Many of these projects will offer the same risks through the use of heavy equipment, multiple trade workers inhabiting the neighborhood, parking, potential community and adjacent private property damage, as well as ARB, Board and property management staff participation work effort that we currently experience during new home construction. With this in mind, effective May 1, 2015 the Board is instituting the following application fee and (potentially refundable) damage deposit structures for remodeling, repair and enhancement projects. In those categories where a damage deposit is required, (as is the current policy) all or partial deposit refunds may be made after a final inspection is completed, any or all damage and clean up is complete, and satisfactorily accepted and approved by the ARB, and the appropriate government regulatory authority has approved the final construction inspections.
  • Any remodeling/addition type project requiring a footer, culminating in additional square footage to the existing home, or any existing deck or patio which will be enclosed or have a roof built over it, whether space is conditioned or not, will require a $50.00 ARB fee and a $2000.00 damage deposit. Note: Most existing framed decks and concrete or paver patios do not have adequate or proper footers to support or enclose a framing structure that would enclose the existing floor around and/or over it. Check building codes and permits with NMB for guidance and regulations. In all cases an ARB application is required.

  • Any sea wall, bulk-heading or rip rap to any property on any lake or wetland will require appropriate approvals and permits from the Army Corp of Engineers, the City of North Myrtle Beach and an ARB application for consideration. A $50.00 ARB fee and a $2000.00 damage deposit are required.

  • Any pool or concrete/gunite installed spa will require a $50.00 ARB fee and a $1500.00 damage deposit.

  • Driveway, sidewalk, walkways and patio demo and/or paver replacements or additions to these types of areas over 300 sq. feet will require a $25.00 ARB fee and a $1000.00 damage deposit.

  • Aggressive landscape changes to include, but not limited to; retainer walls, masonry fences, exterior enclosures, etc. and new tree installation or removal of three or more trees taller than 12 feet high, along with other major landscaping/planting alterations will require a $50.00 ARB fee plus a $1500.00 damage deposit. However, projects that are limited to large tree installations, moves or removals only, and other minor landscape alterations will not incur an ARB fee. Based upon size, number and equipment needed to move, remove or plant trees or other landscaping alterations, a damage deposit of up to $1500.00 may be required. The decision on damage deposit will be made on a case by case basis by the Chairman of the ARB.

  • Roof replacements, tear off or second over roofing; no ARB fee required however normal ARB approval applies. A $1500.00 damage deposit is required.

  • Minor landscape changes, additions of prefabricated fountains, skylight and sun tube installs, addition of windows or doors to existing footprint, installation of approved shade devices, minor paver installations (see above), approved storm door installations, approved hurricane protective equipment installation, would continue to be an ARB required process, but would have no fee or damage deposit associated with the project.
Other activities not listed here will be evaluated based upon complexity and risk and potential fees and damage deposits will be determined by the judgement of the ARB Chair and approved by the Board of Directors as appropriate.

This new schedule does not change any current ARB processes or requirements currently in place. These are additional new requirements which address the maturing nature of our community and the construction activities associated.

Click HERE for the ARB Application
You can complete this form online and automatically send it via email. Simply fill out all relevant fields and click on "Click Here to Email Form" at the bottom of the page. If your email program or provider does not automatically open with the form attached, please save the completed form to your computer and attach in an email to